Our Partners at Daunenspiel

We present here a number of first-class addresses in Vienna, which work closely with us on designing many projects. We love the power of many creative minds and gladly share your ideas with our partners. Contact us. We look forward to your project!

Our interior designer in the showroom Daunenspiel

In-depth Planning & Interior Design

We create your well-being as something visible and tangible. In close cooperation with “Himmel & Erde” [“Heaven & Earth”], we shape your home into a unique haven of comfort and style, and support you right from the very start. Not only will an Interior Designer plan your rooms, but they will also be laid out according to geomancy.

CE Sigrid Steinwender advises private individuals, companies, builders, and the hotel sector, how to make conscious use of the energy fields between Heaven and Earth. In-depth room-design that goes above and beyond the norm. Your well-being is our mission.

Himmel & Erde (Heaven & Earth) – CE Sigrid Steinwender

Interior Partners:

Guut – das Bett – www.guut.at

Luxury Beds – www.luxury-beds.at

Bretz Austria – www.bretz-austria.at

das Möbel – www.dasmoebel.at

Stamm – Tafelkultur und Design – www.stamm.at

Livecube – www.livecube.at

ANASA Interior – www.anasa-interior.at

Die Raumelfen – Kinderzimmerplanung – www.dieraumelfen.at

Livingcult – Interior Shop – www.livingcult.at

Wintner – Wohndesign – www.wintner.at

Design & Decoration:

HUSDOC Home Staging – www.husdoc.at

ART DEKO Cornelia Weinhappel – www.artdeko.at

Production & craftsmanship:

Daniela’s Nähatelier – www.dasnaehatelier.at

Photography and Photos:

Florian Herzog – www.florianherzog.com

Paul Kolp – www.paul-kolp.at

Nikki Harris – www.nikkiharrisstudio.at

Inspiked – www.inspiked.com